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    ISSF organizational restructuring and rebranding complete! Now in 2018, we will be selecting a Scholarship Award Recipient!
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    The Founders of the ISSF believe in supporting the education of our youth. Find out why.
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    Through challenges while adjusting to an ever-changing world, we have remained grounded in donating to our fundamental causes And our donors respect us for it.
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"I Shall Believe. I Shall Succeed. I Shall Create My Destiny."

Success is determined by knowing what is required to succeed . . .

We are a 501(c)3 certified private foundation eligible to tax deductible contributions to the fullest exist allowable by federal law.

Our founder Daymond of Daymond & Co.
was highlighted by Voyage Dallas Magazine in November 2017
as an inspirational entrepreneur in Dallas!

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Our Ongoing Efforts

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  • The Scholarship Program

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About ISSF

A private scholarship foundation.

The founders of the ISSF are driven to encourage success-focused youth to excel beyond any given set of unfortunate circumstances they encounter. Thus, we provide scholarship opportunities to qualified applicants at both the local and national levels.

The ISSF is especially focused on encouraging "triumph over tribulation." Thus, we target students who have overcome unique socio-economical challenges.


Our Cares

What we cherish and believe.

The I Shall Scholarship Foundation (ISSF) advocates youth empowerment and diversity awareness through the educational support of misfortunate, yet success-driven high-school and undergraduate students.

We are committed to nurturing the potential inherent to students who are dedicated to rising above misfortune to gain educations that will enhance their livelihoods and their contributions to the world.

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Our call to action to meet the need.

The I Shall Scholarship Fund: We give to students with life challenges regarding poverty, homelessness, foster care, immigrant families, non-traditional family units, and discrimination due to race, gender, or sexual orientation.

We are committed to demonstrating that education is the key to beating the odds against familial and/or social hindrances, intolerance, exclusion, and abuse. Through education, challenged youth can develop the skills they need to succeed and become bright and productive citizens despite any hardships that have stood in their way.

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